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دانشگاه حضرت معصومه(س) قم
دانشگاه حضرت معصومه(س) قم
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Considering the current approaches to minimize the ethical concerns in universities and higher education institutions and higher-level visions of Iran’s government for Istalimzation of universities as well as in response to the request made by majority of people for the development of women –specific higher education spaces, Hazrat-e Masoumeh university was established as the first women–exclusive university after Iran’s Islamic Revolution.

Established in 100-hectare area in 2015, the development or expansion plan or design of this university is currently followed by continuing the construction operation. 

Undergraduate Education


-Jurisprudence (Fiqh) and Islamic law

- Qur’anic Sciences and Tradition

- Business Administration

- Small Business Administration


- English Language Translation

- Linguistics


 Postgraduate Education

-Qur’anic Sciences and Tradition(Nahju al-Balaghah studies)

-Business Administration – Marketing Management

-Internal Business Trends Management

-International Business Trends Management

-Business Administration - E-Commerce

-Business Administration - Entrepreneurship

-Business administration – Strategic management

Cultural & Social Activities/programs 

-Two unknown martyrs ‘holy shrine; 300 square meters

-Karimey-e Ahlulbayt cultural center; 500 square meters, a place for congregational prayer, cultural programs and insight-promotion programs for students

-Conference hall, with a capacity of 300 people, for holding celebrations as well as different cultural programs for students 

-Permanent exhibitions site in the uiniversity; 300 square meters

-Camping, holding cultural tours such as pilgrimage to Holy Mashhad,  Rahian -e Nour trips (visits to war zones from the time of Iraqi imposed war on Iran in the 1980s), weekly trips to Jamkaran Holy Mosque, etc,. as well as recreational tours  to different cities of Iran and scientific visits; 

-Holding conferences and cultural meetings such as martyrs’ memorial, programs specially designed for specific events, Student Day & Graduation Day celebrations, scientific conferences, etc.

Fields of Study

Research & Training Facilities & Capacities 

- Equipped with a library and study hall with more than 30,000 books; 

-Language laboratory equipped with central education system;

-Computer workshop with 20  all-in-one computer sets;

-Access to Internet through optic fiber network and Wi Fi connectivity;

-Holding skill development courses through training workshops;

- Concluding international and domestic agreements with some centers including Karbala University, Network of the Islamic World Woman Scientists, Jame'at al-Mostafa al-Alamiya, Research Institute of Hawzah and University, Adyan & Mazaheb University (University of Religions and Denominations), Jahad-e Daneshgahi, Technical & Vocational Training Organization etc.

-Employing experienced professors for teaching;

Training & Research Achievements 

-The admission of more than 60% of the students in higher levels of education 

-Publication of 33 books;

-Authorship and publication of over 250 research papers by university’s professors.

-Implementation of  more than 30 research projects

-Publication of 3 journals  

Welfare Facilities 

-Student dormitory with a capacity of 300 people;

-Provision of Transport services for the facilitation of students transport from the center of city to university by making the necessary arrangements with Qom Public Bus Transport Company. Transport services are provided against the receipt of approved fare. In addition, women-exclusive transportation facilities are provided by considering student-specific discounts;

-A restaurant with a capacity of more than 200,000 people per shift and restaurant No.2 which is under construction;

-Varied menu and production and distribution line of fast foods and home-made meals;

Student Associations 

-Currently, twelve cultural - artistic centers are working: Mahdaviat, Qur’an and ‘Itrat, Shahid Motahhari, Sh’er va Adab (poetry and literature), Fereshtegan, Theatre, Dormitory, Astronomy, Helal Ahmar (Red Crescent), Iranian Studies 

-Scientific institutions: the students interested in a variety of scientific activities work in six institutions,

-Student Mobilization (Basij), Jameey-e Eslami (Islamic Community/Association) and Majma-e Daneshjuyan Edalat Khah (Justice-seeking Student Association) hold numerous programs with the aim of insight promotion of students.

Consultation, Healthcare & Medical Center

This university is equipped with Consultation, Healthcare & Medical Center with different specialists including physician, psychologist, social assistant and various specialists who monitor the physical and mental health of students and provide numerous services.

Sport Facilities 

- Multi-purpose gym 1200 m2 in area;

-Artificial turf 965 m2 in area;

-Body Building club;

-Aerobics club;

-Horsemanship club;

-Cycling track; 

-Health road  

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