Achievements of law department

Hazrate Masoomeh University is proud to provide dynamic environment to improve talents of dear students. The presence of many university graduates in Postgraduate education in Iran and successfully accepted in the judgment and the legal test is promising for current university students. Law department of the university, in addition to attract faculty from the best PhD graduates from valid universities with good studious resume, has always tried to invite prominent professors of Tehran University (such as Dr. Nejad Ali Almasy, Dr. Mahmoud Erfani, Dr. Goldoozian and….) provide the best educational conditions for law students.
Also, Hazrate  Masoomeh University has always tried to make students familiar with the latest scientific achievements by holding conferences and professional meetings. One of legal conferences organized by the university is International Conference on philosophy of women's rights in Islam (approved by Cabinet). Some of the prominent lawyers theorizing in university conferences are Ayatollah Dr. Mohaghegh Damad, Dr. Hussein Mehrpour, Dr. seyed Baqer Mir Abbasi, Dr. Fariba Alasvand.
Holding International conference on philosophy of women's rights in Islam was approved by cabinet on 19.12.2012. The aims were to define the palladian boundaries of Islam in the field of women's rights, criticism of rival schools and paving the way for presenting Islamic-Iranian model of women's rights. Existence of dissonant views of excess and dissipation and different philosophic and legal schools about women which is originated from different attitudes about existential value and independence or complementary nature of women’s existence in the universe, causes jumble of different thoughts of gender segregation about half the world’s population. Hazrate  Masoomeh university tried to answer questions about women’s rights in Islam and in legal system of Islamic republic of Iran by holding conference on philosophy of women's rights in Islam at the international level.
About programs under implementation, follow up to establish new fields of study in masters and PhD degree. The aim of the course is training MA and PhD students by improving knowledge and insight of graduates coupled with strengthening of inference and analysis of legal issues. Graduates can play an active role having appropriate condition in the following cases: Professor of law at the universities and institutions of higher education, Private Law Islamic scholar and researcher, Judicial activities in court trials especially Family Court, Private and public attorney, regulating Domestic and foreign economic and trade contracts, Juris consult (legal expert) in ministries and other government institutions. Hazrate Masoomeh university can well provide the goals by means of distinctive features such as proximity to Qom Hawzah and possibility of using scientific capacity of Hawzah scholars and locating in the city which is center of Islamic law.

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