History of the Hazrate Masume University

The academic community of Qom in response to the demands of religious people to develop higher education and with the efforts of provincial authorities and officials of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology In 1386 took action to establish the University of Hazrate Masume.
The University, the first university for girls after the victory of Islamic Revolution is based on the needs, capacities and visions established in the province and now the development of the University by devoting hundred hectares of land and started construction work diligently pursued.
Educational and research services needed by women and the training of highly qualified personnel for the future management of the country, especially in the area of women is one of the most important concerns of the university.
The University uses the capacities of the province in the field of religious, moral and religious education and addresses issues of both science and ethics in its work program.
Now there are the departments of law, business administration, accounting and English translation in the university. With regard to the development of a twenty-year-old university plan, the needed fields of study especially in the field of women in four academic disciplines, humanities, basic sciences, engineering and the arts are considered.
It should be mentioned: the establishment of the Women's Institute who studies women and families will follow future programs witch will be done after the formation of the faculties.

تمامی حقوق این سایت متعلق به دانشگاه حضرت معصومه(س) می باشد