According to existing approaches to minimize the ethical concerns of universities and higher education institutes, Hazrate Masoumeh University as the first dynamic university for girls after the Islamic Revolution and the second girls university after Alzahra University, should be a role model for other universities on the verge of establishing. According to the needs and requirements of country and province, and due to the numerous accessories available, the development of universities in educational and research sectors is inevitable.
One of the most important educational goals of the University was to provide professional human resource, and faculty members, In this regard, university faculty recruitment were on the agenda of departments.
Creating the needed fields and expanding the higher education institutes related to the university is included in the plans which are followed seriously. Improving quality of education at the University is one of the crucial concerns which has been considered since the establishment of the university and is still underway. For this purpose, organizing in-service courses for faculty, monitoring the quality of education at the University, employing experts, encouraging professors and granting them scholarships for their further studies are considered as main strategies in the programs.
Considering that the research is part of the higher education system, the university puts the building of international women's institute on the agenda as a basic necessity. For studies and research activities two main purposes including efforts to produce science to solve the issues and problems of women and training researchers are considered.
 In this regard: providing facilities and research infrastructure, book publishing, scientific magazines and journals, holding international scientific conferences,
providing the presence of university researchers in prestigious international conferences, the creation of fellowships and the exchange of professors and students by communicating with other scientific centers of the world are the university's plans for the coming years.

تمامی حقوق این سایت متعلق به دانشگاه حضرت معصومه(س) می باشد